trying to get down in weight

hey i wanted any wrestlers or fights advice that has experience in losing/cutting weight.

I am now 158 i started at 165 my goal is 145. I have two more weeks to do it. Now i know i could cut the day before but i would like to avoid it because it is same day weigh in tournament. I already eat clean, cut calories, but it seems that the weight is not coming of fast enough. I dont want to cut also because i am driving to the event and it is a 12 hour drive. So any pointers would be great thanks.

He's not going to be able to cut if it's a same day tourny, unless he wants to lose within the first min. 12 healthy lbs lost in 14 days is hard.

Try Carb cycling, but in your case you're going to have to grind it out in a tough way. 5-6 small meals of only protein and fats, but in your case i'd keep the fats low.

Eggs, chicken, tuna, lean beef, protein shakes... You know what to do from there, hit the cardio to get into ketosis, so that your body is starving for energy and starts feeding of some of that fat for energy.

My opinion, some wouldn't agree, but with 2 weeks out, eating clean isn't going to cut it.

Try that for 6 days, eat high clean carbs on the 7th day and continue like that up until your goal is reached.