Trying to loss weight.

Does anything know any sites or products that will help you loss weight.I know ephreda works but is there anything else.

Try some of the XYience general forums

I've been doing this amazing new program called "Eat Less/ Work Out More". I'm losing weight like you wouldn't believe!

I have been running and lifting.I would like something to help out.I eat healthy and drink lots of water.

(cif wrestlers diet) has a chart for target weight = intake of calories per day .just google it

lose, imo.

Damn, SwampRocker beat me to it.

I run and eat one meal a day. has a lot of articles (including many on weight loss).

eating smaller portions more frequently throughout the day should help, that'll allow your body to break down the food properly in between meals, which means your body will be able to burn off calories better without having to store much fat, but you'll read more about that at the site I pointed you at. Good luck man.

Eating once a day is your first mistake. Eat 6 to 8 times a day! Lots of cardio, and a good diet.

No carbs is the best thing. I plumped up and need to drop weight. I cut out carbs and the weight is falling off. Tough the first 4 days, I got headaches and cravings, but after that it goes away.