Congrats to the ufcs most talented and entertaining fighter. the belt is just a few fights away. St pierre is the next great MMA fighter.

Thanks GSP for shutting a lot of people up! You are the man!

Georges next fight should be for the belt. I hope he gets his shot before BJ Penn does.

GSP rocks!

GSP is the ultimate MMA fighter with class to boot.

GSP kicks ass!



that victory was FAIRLY SQUARLY imo

i've always liked him, but a few people i was with last night who had never seen him before were very impressed by his style, fighting and otherwise

everyone loves the guy, he's an unbelievably talented fighter, he's on a roll is good

"when I hit him with the first elbow,he went -AAARGH!-so I knew to keep hitting"

Halarious ! ! ! !

I think Matt is a little concerned now .TTT GSP

Man, that guy has unequivocally, beyond a shadow of a doubt paid his dues.  Give him his title shot already. 

Huge respect to GSP!

Can we stop calling him "the future..." or "the next..."?
His time is obviously now.

I remember criticizing (or rather commenting) after his Hieron fight (and other fights I'd seen) that he lacked the finishing instinct that fighers like Baroni have. Yes, I know, Baroni sucks, but when Baroni hits you, he assumes he's going to hurt you and follows up with another 50 shots without missing a beat. Back then, IMO, Georges lacked that attribute. He'd hit you, see if it hurt, and then follow up.

What a difference! All over Sherk on the ground, hit him from everywhere!

And talk about improved confidence! Back in the day, he would sub a striker (Spratt), and wrestle a striker (Hieron). Now he's just outwrestled a wrestler (Trigg), out punched/outwrestled/out GNP'd a puncher/wrestler/gnper (Sherk) and had the stones to shoot on Hughes, nevermind how he compeltely shut down Miller on the ground from inside/outside his guard.

I thought Hughes was too soon for him, I admit. But it looks to me like that loss was exactly what GSP needed. Took the 'undefeated' pressure off, and showed Georges that he can come back stronger.

When last he fought Hughes, I thought he had the tools to win, but that the odds were on Hughes (out of loyalty, hope and good odds, I tried to bet on GSP anyways). Now that he's got the confidence and maturity, I'll definitely take St. P over Matt and then over BJ.

If only Odessa would take my money...

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