Everyone types"ttt", but I have no idea what it means. Could someone explain. Be serious please


I was trying to be serious

Tap Terry Terrible. Terry Terrible was an original poster on, and, much like KKM, wreaked havok throughout. There was a huge online petition to "Tap Terry Terrible" aka...get his ass banned. The signature that everyone used on the petition thread was "TTT" aka Tap Terry Terrible. Finally, Terry was banned and banished forever to troll Sherdog's forum and The initials stuck, and TTT is now used to bring a thread to the top of the page. Most people have forgotten the actual origins. It all happened within the first 5 months of the forum starting, and only a handful of the original posters are still here.

quik that was quite witty ; )



Good thing Terry Terrible tapped or gawd only knows what the other letter woulda been......... sheesh

...and the rest is history!

TT, I know you're part of the "new breed" of'er, but that is a true story. It became known as "To The Top" after awhile, but the real origin is within the story I've told.

It means "To The Top." It is used to bring a thread back up to the top of the board.

That's him! I often heard rumors that he retired from mma boards and became a driver on the Demo Derby circuit.

Nice nWo shirt.

Cool. Thanks for the serious replies

btw... ttt

I hesitate to add-on more any information to this very difficult subject-matter, but some folks also use "bttt," which means "back to the top"