Tuchscherer Should Be Rewarded w/ Kimbo Fight

I think Dana White should award Chris Tuchscherer with an opportunity to face Kimbo in Kimbo's first PPV fight with the UFC. Chris deserves it after the debacle that was his Gonzaga fight. Thoughts?

Kimbo vs Chuck. I guarantee it.

waste of kimbo's starpower to put him against an unknown. there are many heavyweights that the casual fan would at least recognize that would make more sense.

wouldnt kimbo have enough image alone to boost ratings to unknowns..Seth got boosted massivley from his fight with kimbo.

and seth was (imo) a step down from shamrock

good matchup

Too much risk that Kimbo would lose. What they will do though is tell everyone to stand with him. Otherwise, every single guy on the roster could tool him, and not just in the hvwt class. He had trouble with JAMES THOMPSON'S wrestling.