TUF 13 cast shifts to all welterweights

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                                TUF 13 cast shifts to all welterweights

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While initially intended to feature welterweights and middleweights, the upcoming 13th season of "The Ultimate Fighter" instead now will be a welterweights-only season.

A source close to the long-running competition/reality series today confirmed the plans with MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com).

The show begins taping this month, and it debuts March 30 on Spike TV. Coaches are expected to be announced this week, a source said.

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AuzzieOsbourne - why does tuf keep showing lighter weight classes go back to lhw

Because there just aren't that many talented big guys who aren't already in a decent promotion. And when they do a LHW TUF, most of the guys drop down to MW anyway.

If only there were more HWs who actually had a tank to go all three rounds.

Another HW season of TUF would probably do good ratings-wise.

 I was really hoping that Dana would want to introduce some of the WEC's finest by having this next season with Cruz and Fabor as the coaches! It would have been a great way to Welcome the WEC into the UFC!!! I wish we could Vote on it. I'll bet I'm not the only Fan that would love to see this!!!

At least they are screwing all the MWs who showed up for once. The LHWs took it a few times so somebody needed to share the pain.

AuzzieOsbourne - why does tuf keep showing lighter weight classes go back to lhw

The one time I went to the tryout, there were three times as many MWs as LHWs. I went through the whole process as a LHW because the line to sign up was so much shorter, and I am lazy.

logan: Middle weights have been screwed before. During the TuF 10 season casting call in seattle they called mw and light hw's and hvy's. But only did hvy's. Phone Post

is galvao still in?

I do have a rather limited view as I haven't paid too much attention. I just remember the lhws complaining after being eliminated for the second time in a row.

Damn, if this is true it more than likely means we wont get to see Karl Amoussou, Zak Cummings and Vitor Vianna.