Tuf 4 Remaining Fights

Predictions based on clips from the show, and some logic.

serra vs burnett {said it on the show}

lytle vs spratt {lytle beat him already}

din vs jackson

sell vs mccarthy

lutter vs smith { i think lutters team gets control and chooses this match up}

cote vs rivera { stand up war , even on the ground}

I would take this card over the next 2 UFCs

close but no cigar

No? Do you have inside info or something? Enjoyed watching you so far. Good luck. I personally want to see you fight Lytle.

I'm HYPED for next week! We get to see Serra trash Laimon and MAY see Serra vs. Mikey!

Not sure on that hype.Matts a real nice laid back fellow. Laimon would really have to piss him off.

Well, we know from this week's episode that he has problems with Laimon, and i don't blame him. I'm really excited to see Serra-Burnett! Hope it's that instead of Lytle vs. Spratt.

1 for 1 so far. I think they go after Mccarthy next week, I think they will give him to Sell. Then its a toss up between Jeremy being ready or Mikey who looks batttered from training. i would like to see Mikey fight Din .

My 2 biggest questions so far are?

Where does Scott Smith go while there taping ?

and does Cote speak?

They seem to be none existant so far.

I just saw a commercial where Dana tells someone to pack their bags...they're going home. Anyone else catch that???? I've not seen any threads about it.

I think your right Mikey choses Din. Now does Matt get a bye or does he fight Clemente? also my lutter smith prediction was right.So it looks like the only one I was wrong on was Mikey.