TUF 5 tryouts?

Anyone have any idea when the TUF 5 tryouts will be? I'm assuming sometime soon?


TUF 4?

They're on the 20th of July in Boston

Make sure you're there

No cry tough, TUF 4 is for returning UFC fighters, so I'm wondering about season 5.

DangerMouse, sarcasm noted? Let me think about that one for a second...





I read it was confirmed to air early next year, meaning tryouts would have to be sometime soon...

lol thank you hypnos

Dude the tryouts are initially an open call, meaning if you want to tryout you just show up that morning. They go through your ground game, your standup, and then an interview phase. After each phase they send some people home. After all phases, they choose certain fighters to go through a week of secondary tryouts I believe, where they basically continue to judge your skills.

I haven't gone to one yet, so maybe someone who has will know more. I've heard that TUF5 will be WW and HW classes. I'm HW.