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Let's start with last week’s episode and all the issues. The first being Frank Lester replacing Jason Pierce in the last of the elimination rounds to see who gets into the semifinals. All I can say is that Frank has earned himself the respect of everyone including myself by stepping up to fight with four of his teeth missing. I think Dana White made the right decision in giving Frank the second chance since his last fight with James Wilks was an absolute war!

Talk about an emotional roller coaster, both physically and mentally, for Frank. I mean he got called on short notice to fight his way on to the show. He beat Kiel Reid then had to deal with a loss to Wilks now only to be given another chance. I’d be very interested to know the amount of weight Frank had to cut for all of his fights together. I’d bet he may have possibly busted another TUF record in cutting the most weight of anyone on the show ever. Long story short, Frank's decision to step up and fight David Faulkner ended up being the right one. He defeated Faulkner mentally. I couldn’t believe Faulkner quit between rounds two and three. I had the fight pretty even myself cageside. After the fight, Dan Henderson was all smiles seeing how Team USA had evened up the odds heading into the semifinals bringing the overall score to four apiece.

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