TUF needs to be over already

I'm sorry. I'm the biggest MMA fan on the planet. Been watching since UFC 1, never missed a UFC or Pride show, try to keep up with all the smaller shows, and at one point, was really looking forward to TUF.. but now, it just needs to be done.

The formula has grown old, tired, and stale. With as many MMA organizations as Zuffa owns at this point, I suggest replacing TUF with a weekly WEC show or something. You want to build up some young fighters, well, what a better way to do it? Just a suggestion.

Shifting over to WEC might be a good idea...Kind of suits the concept better.

could not be anymore correct.

You know you can watch ER, it's on at the same time. Could save the misery you seem to be experiencing. Just a suggestion.

So you are saying you started watching during TUF 2 or 3 and you are bored already.

I think it's getting boring as well.

I recorded it and watched it last night.

Had a couple of funny moments, but that's it.

And when almost half the viewers think that the second coming of Rickson isn't full of shit, that's a sign that the Anti-Christ is upon us.

Quit fucking crying, Your point is Isn't even valid. You should be thanking Dana White for providing you as much MMA as he possibly can. Sure maybe in the future It would be nice to have a weekly W.E.C program ( Kind've like TNA to WWE ), but until then quit flapping your gums, and just be thankful you have any MMA at all to watch n00b

u always have the option not to watch. its a bit boring but i still do

The show needs some serious changes for sure but I like how many new names it brings in even if its mostly for the new TUF Noob/Casual Fan.

They can't mention the WEC, the WEC has an exclusive contract with another network.