TUF Noobs!

I went to a friend's to watch the fights last night and was met with my worst nightmare! The entire group was made up of noobs. All night I had to listen how Forrest was the best fighter ever, how Pride had nothing to offer, and how TUF was the second coming of Christ. To top it all off when I asked if any of them train, straight up and down, "NO." Now, I encourage all to watch and back their fav's, but at least come with an educated guess on what is happening. Matt Serra is not the best WW of all time and don't not give a bjj leason if you have no idea what is happening. That's my rant, I'm out...

Drop the haterade. TUF 5 is the new Bushido

/\/\/\ Thanks for the example.

lol @ the "elitist" Pride nuthugger

How about you call them out on it instead of coming to the forums and whining. Seriously, what have you accomplished?



It must have been extra-sucky watching the ex-Pride fighters get owned there, too.

Only thing worse than a TUF noob is a TUF noob who's right.

okay - it's annoying that the TUF noobs think the TUF winners are the best fighters ever, but TUF has produced some legit contenders...Diego, Rashad, Bisping, Griffin, etc.

Just because these guys were on TUF does not mean they don't belong in the UFC. They just came in in a less traditional way. They same guys would be coming in to the UFC anyway, they just started on TUF.