TUF on SpikeTV...anyone care?

i've watched - maybe - 2 minutes of this season. i know Forrest and Rampage are in it, but thats about it. couldnt tell you much more. i hear its getting really bad ratings.

is anyone watching it? i dont sense any buzz whatsoever...either here on the HG, on the UG, or any of the fan-sites.

since TUF heralded in the "MMA revolution of 2005," does its current non-performance say something about MMA's trend in 2008 and beyond? are we headed into an "MMA recession?"

 Rampage is funny, but seems like a bad coach

Forrest is more layed back and his guys keep winning

i don't think it's a sign of an MMA recession. On the contrary, i think MMA is set to jump to a whole new level.

i think factors like channel, time, marketing, etc. make up for the lack of ratings.


 i'm in an mma recession driven by worthess stock imo.

If there are no playoff games... I watch it.  I don't think there's anything else better on at that time.

Can't say that I've watched any this season.