TUF Ratings in Canada???

Does anyone know what the ratings for TUF were in Canada? The one concern for the TUF ratings Canada would be that RAW airs on TSN here so viewers of RAW wouldn't get led right into TUF at the conclusion of RAW. Also we wouldn't get the TUF commercials during RAW. Just curious if anyone knows the TUF ratings in Canada.

16 normal people, 4 mounties, and 2 eskimos

lol @ rking.

Does anyone know the ratings for TUF in Canada

Also, anyone tuning into SpikeTV at 11 to see what's on, was just getting those Jason Sehorn tips on how to be healthy.

Yeah, it can't help that the schedule has it listed for 11:00 and then it starts at 11:08 or so with those stupid comercials running.

I know Canada has a lot off MMA fans though and that's why I'm wondering what the ratings were in Canada.