TUF Team Strategy

I've heard that the team that wins the team challenge gets to select a member from their team and the opposing team to fight one another. If this is true, I believe the strategy would be to eliminate the opposing teams best athletes. In other words, the winning team picks a member that matches well against the opposing members team, not necessarily the weakest member.

If this is true, Jason Thacker might be around longer than expected.


The first elimination will be by some challenge. No fights until episode 3.


I thought there were only two ways to be eliminated. Kicked of by the team leader or by losing a fight.

There are 11 episodes before the live fight between the finalists. They need to get rid of 12 guys in that time (leaving 2 LHWs and 2 MWs). So, two are kicked off tomorrow, then (at most) 10 fights to eliminate another 10. I say "at most" because if there are 10 more fights, some guys would have to fight twice before the finals, which they might not want to risk.

It might be the team leaders doing the eliminating tomorrow, but which leader does the eliminating could be based on the challenge.

I see. I'm a little disappointed I won't be seeing a fight in tomorrow's episode.