TUF...The Pit

Or whatever you wanna call it. Have Hack and Chuck go out and find 4-6 young LHW's that are decent strikers maybe guys a with a lil more exp. than normal TUF's bring 'em to The Pit see who can hang with the show having an emphasis on training instead of jerkoffidness. Have a mini-tourney and the winner gets trained by Chuck and Hack for a fight at the next fight night and beyond.

Kinda try to find a new star for the pit along with putting it on the map, keeping the iceman in the spotlight, and making a nice payday for Chuck, Hack, and Dana so they can all hug and be friends again.

I'd watch it...

this is a really good idea
it's like a tapout and tuf mixture

Thats what I was kinda goin' for and think of the great BLAF, Hack, and Dana moments you could get pure gold lol.

Dana make it happen. Oh and I came up with it so I want a co-executive producer credit.

Why the Pit? They're not exactly known as being a great camp outside Chuck.

^Exactly why have them show they can hang with the big dogs and maybe build a new showcase fighter outside of Chuck.

Also I think Chuck would sink his teeth into this a little more then being a suit going around trying to legalize MMA in all the communist states.

awilson82 - ^Exactly why have them show they can hang with the big dogs and maybe build a new showcase fighter outside of Chuck.

Maybe they should develop someone who already trains there first, then try to hang with the 'big dogs'.

I mean, other than Jason Von Flue, who else that trains with Chuck has made it to the UFC?

Hi hack!

I wouldnt be against them using one or more of their own guys. Maybe do it 50-50 and see who can win and get the fight.

And no Im not Hack....seriously.

Just think it'd be cool. You could start with The Pit and then do Team Jackson, Wolfslair (which thats damn near this TUF season), ATT, etc.

I'm pretty sure Wolfslair had 1 guy try out and he got fucking KO'd in 2 minutes. You do understand the 'UK' is a pretty big place, right?

fiercedragon - if LIGHTY and TEXIERA could ever fight consistantly we wouldn't be having this conversation...


The big idea isn't competing to train at the pit, its to have Chack in the spotlight still without getting his lights put out. Also finding a new dynamic striker to run up the ranks.

I thought there were 3 or 4 Wolfslair guys try out and I thought 1 or 2 in the house used to train there. Might be wrong I'm human.

All I'm saying is itd be interesting, better then TUF, and would keep Chuck doing somthing until he makes a comeback or whatever. A big payday for everyone involved as well.

Glover is a potential top fighter.

I know Chuck could start a world class fight team. he would bring in all the right people.

John Hackleman Jr. is a strong agile striker who is very hard to hit. If his ground game was as good as his stand up he'd fair well in MMA.

Having a world class team come outta the pit would be a great thing. They could even go pick one guy in each weightclass and build a team to try and move up the ranks towards titles.