TUF tryouts

Good luck to Jason "THE OX" White,he's flying out to Jersey this weekend for the TUF tryouts.He's got a great work ethic and a solid attitude about learning.He did his filming for the tryouts last night at our place but Ox trains all over,4th street boxing,David V's bjj,ATT in Boca,so he's a local,be nice to see him get on!

170 this next season?

Goodluck. Keep Florida MMA on the map.

Good luck to you OX

Best of luck.

I heard 185 next show....anybody else hear anything?

170 is right now.  So I'm pretty sure it's 185.

I knew it was 185. Just got stupid for a minute.

Thanks for the corrections.

Yosmany from the Spartan Gym should go out for the 185 lbs.  What's he got 4 or 5 undefeated fights, black belt in judo--perfect fit.

It is 185,ox walks at 175 but does'nt want to wait around,so we'll see.

Any idea where/when the next will be? (185)