The Ultimate Team Quest Fighter. The casual viewer wouldn't know it, but with the background, the bias towards Team Quest is almost palpable. They gave Nate the ability to choose who came back?! Sweet lord, who the hell did they THINK he would pick? And Nate gets to maintain his TV coverage as well. Wow.

I am a bit disappointed with the way all that played out. The show is starting to seem REALLY scripted.

Also, I'd like to add a big FUCK YOU to Spike TV for overdubbing the whole "Next week" blurb of the show with some annoying crap about their kung fu movies or some shit.

I agree with Phydeau's assesment, but underhill is right. They really need to get coaches for the next season that don't have glaring conflicts of interest. Chris Sanford (and Thacker, if he were a real fighter) must have been grinding their teeth for the past couple months.

The show blows-lost all credibility tonight

Exactly. If you are going to coach for TUF, then please save your fighters for the next show. I understand the need for UFC to "keep it interesting" but I think they have crossed a line.

I agree with Phydeau as well. I don't see Leben beating Koschuck, or Diego. We'll see if TUTQF decides to initiate a "no G&P" rule for Leben's next fight. THAT would be the last straw. LOL!


Don't you think Chuck is going to have to hand over another middleweight fighter? I bet Randy will hold on to Chris Leben and make the other fighter Chuck gives him fight. That way Chris Leben will make it down to the finals. Just my guess, especially if Randy is favoring Team Quest as you say.

Let me tell you the smart way it sould be handled.
Chris should fight Kenny Florian, he can beat him, easily, then that might make it so the others might have to fight if they split up, then Chris would fight the winner of Koscheck and Sanchez

"Also, I'd like to add a big FUCK YOU to Spike TV for overdubbing the whole "Next week" blurb of the show with some annoying crap about their kung fu movies or some shit."

Yeah.. what the fuck was that about... I am with you..

fuckin bullshit

Team Quest isn't doing so well though.


"Josh has good GnP (as Leben found out)."


Josh has good takedowns (as Leben found out).

fixed it for you...

The fact is, all the Team Quest fighters should be gone. Shame, the way that Nate departed for sure. Definatly sign that guy up for TUF II!

But here we are, in a position where both TQ fighters should be gone, and yet BOTH are still on the show. Yes, Nate is not in it anymore, but he still gets his media coverage. Seems pretty obvious to me why that is.

Chris should fight Kenny Florian, he can beat him.

Chris beat Kenny? I doubt it.

"Seems pretty obvious to me why that is."

Yeah it seems obvius to me too. Randy hurt him by accuident and ruined his chances of getting a guiaranteed UFC contract. Are you really surprised that Randy would fight for to have Nate there as an Assistant? Do you think Chuck is such a dick that he wouldn;t do the same for Florian if it happened to him?

I guarantee if Chuck hurt Florian the same way Randy did to Nate by complete accident Chuck would fight tooth and nail to have Florian stay on as an assistant. And he would stay at Chuck's request.

I guess when you have your mind fixed on a bias easy solutions and answers are hard to miss.

nimitivd is correct

Okay Molson, how do you explain them giving Nate the choice of who to bring back? Good lord, did you listen to Nate's criteria for choosing who he should bring back? The LAST person he should have selected was Leben, but he brought back his TQ mate. I would have done the same thing, of course. Anyone with any team loyalty would have, which is why is was foolish to give the option to Nate.

Why would Chuck fight to keep Florian around? What would be the point, if he can't win the contract? Like I said, better to line him up for the next show, than keep him around as an assistant coach.

"Yes, Nate is not in it anymore, but he still gets his media coverage. Seems pretty obvious to me why that is."

Dana said keeping him on as coach was his idea, not Randy's.

If Dana saw over the course of the show that Quarry is someone he wants in the UFC, it is very smart to keep him on the show so that people get to know him; even though he's not fighting, he's still being built up, which will generate much more interest when he fights in the UFC.

underhill - I hope you make the same damn bias comments when a Team Lidell fighter gets hurt and picks his replacement. I'm fairly sure that will happen, sadly.

It makes sense to me that if a guy gets hurt by accident, or gets hurt while winning - that he gets to choose who takes his place. It doesn't seem that odd to me.

But like Molson said, above all - you're trying to prove a bias, logic be damned.

Great point Orcus. The thing that bothers me is that Dana basically telling everyone that Nate is going to make it to the UFC. So why have a competition if you aren't going to let anyone fight for their spot? The only real problem with the show is that there is no structure for rules.

Bottom line, Nate should be gone if he can't continue. And Nate shouldn't have the choice of bringing someone back that has lost a fight. Trade off again if need be, but don't bring someone back that has been beat. It defeats the whole purpose of the show. Now what happens if Chris and Josh fight again and Leben wins? Does Josh get to come back if Kenny falls to injury?

I am not trying to prove a point, "logic be damned". In fact, I think Orcus made an excellent point, that I am totally willing to concede.

Don't think I am a TQ hater. I am not. They impress me constantly, but at the same time, I don't feel that they are above critical analysis.

Token Asian Guy puts into words perfectly what I have a problem with though. Let's say that Josh and Chris fight again and Chris wins. Josh would be removed from the competition, and Chris would stay! That is rediculous! How is it logical that Josh would have lasted longer, and essentially tied someone and be removed by him?

How do you think it is logical to give the removed fighter the option to choose his replacement? Like I said, it is OBVIOUS what he would do. Like I said, I would do the same thing. Choose a teammate. That means, that if you are on the show with a teammate you have an advantage over everyone else, and that is what makes it unfair.

Yes, I would complain just as much about bias if this advantage were given to any other team members.

See my whole point was that they did not keep Nate
because they are biased towards TQ which is what you were saying the show is.

My point was Nate didn;t get hurt sparring, he didn;t get hurt from another fighter, he didn;t get hurt in fight, did not get hurt because he broke a door down. He got hurt because Randy did a bonehead thing and completely cost him the opportunity at a shot at the contract. They are keeping him because imo they know that it is evident to the viewing publuc that their own manager ruined this guy's shot at a contract and they want to ensure that they make it look like they are taking care of the fighter. and even though it was Dana's choice, I guarantee you that Randy was in his office away from the camera begging to bring him on because of how bad he felt for what he did.

My point with chuck was that if Chuck had done the same thing to Florian, I guarantee you he would not just say "Oh well tough luck. My bad. No contract for you." If he would have thought aboput it he would have also fiught to keep Kenflo on as a coach

My point was keeping Nate on had zero to do with a bias towards Team Quest.

Now, allowing him to pick his replacement. Thats a different story and again somthing i think has nothing to do with bias towards Team Quest. they knew he would pick Leben, and lets face it, love him or hate him this is reality tv and Leben is good for the show because people either love him or hate him. Do i personally agree with it? In the contect of the competition....no. In the context of running a successful reality show,...of course!

It was funny though when Nate was sayting i need to pick a leader like me, someone that is honourable etc etc and we just know he';s gonna pick Leben. It made me groan out loud.

Overall, there is absolutely no bias to Team Quest, just a bias to making it a successful show, honing up to stupidities that cost someone a contract and as someone else pointed out, use it for what it is - a marketing tool for UFC

Damn my fingers hurt.