TUF3: Episode 6 Review...

The Ultimate Fighter 3, Episode 6: Hamill, Inhofer, and Fletcher oh my!
May 11, 2006
Sean McClure

Episode 6 of the Ultimate Fighter 3 started off with Team Ortiz firmly in control. They showed the obligatory training session and some minor in house drama. It was apparent however, that Matt was going to be a major focus this week. The thing that kills me about the rest of the fighters in the house is that they focus so much on Matt's attitude. If you have ever been around someone who is deaf then you know how hard they work or try to show people that they are not handicapped, not at all. They don't look on their deafness as a disability, don't want you to, and they are very confident in their abilites.


nice review!

wtf no fight

i totally agree, i think that matt is a strong person and a very skilled fighter. he is a good kid and i think he will take the cake.

But there was not fight, that show piss me of.

Matt looks like such a nice guy. His eyebrows are always arched in that "I'm so happy to be here" way. He shows a lot of determination and some serious wrestling skills. My concerns are with his standup ability. My guess is that, if he does lose, there will be many a tear shed, especially from Tito. His loss could only come from a shot not unlike what Kendall gave him, and I think that weakness is blatantly obvious.

Sad to see Noah break, but he clearly lacked the mental toughness to be there. HA! As if the other guys in the house have lives that they can just put on hold for that long. It affects all of them, no doubt.

I hope this is the end of bashing on Matt. He can't help it if he is an excellent wrestler who is maybe a bit socially nieve. He's figuring it out, but getting no help from most of the fighters in that regard.

Of course ALL of this has to be taken with a big grain of salt. IT'S TV! Frankly, I think Ken is more bad actor that bad coach(though he's doing a good job of acting like a bad coach). His taunts thrown at Tito are so jr high schoolyard it's crazy. How can the other guys not just bust up when he does that.

The "Hold me back, hold me back!" thing. Too much!

At first I thought Matt was a little too arrogant because of his superior wrestling abilities. Especially with defending the takedowns with no hands and such.

But, he really earned my respect when Danny told him he's acting like an ass and it dawns on him. Immediately he appologizes to his team for the way he was acting. That was awesome.

The thing is, why was that letter given to Noah anyway, they aren't supposed to get mail are they? I think it was a ploy to fuck with him and it back fired on dana, Dana didn't think he would leave

Its kind of funny how pissed everyone gets at Matt for rolling too hard. I think that he is just such a good wrestler and these guys arent used to it. Really good wrestlers are naturally agressive, and he probably just doesnt realize that hes way too physical for the other guys.

hey we don't tune in to see this real world bullsh*t
i watch the show because there are fights every week....so i thought
PLEASE SHOW FIGHTS EVERY EPISODE....it's not worth watching if you don't....it's just like any other wack reality show

Noah just made the biggest mistake of his life!!! He will "what if" himself forever!

its not like he was away for 6 months, it was only like 6 or 8 months, he could have talked that out with her after he got back home

maybe he did cheat and that is why he went back, to save his relationship

Don't know what everyone is pissed about. That was an awesome episode. Wish it had gone on for 30 min to show the fight but...

Why is nobody asking the operative question? Who gave Noah the letter and why? Did Dana have someone deliver a letter to mess with his head and create drama?

I thought Noah made a poor choice. But one a young man in his position is prone to make. I thought Matt got a taste of his own medicine and probably deserved it although I hope he gets over it and doesn't loose his aggression when he fights. I thought it sucked that there was no match. Sorry I'm late but I had to TIVO it and just got a chance to watch.

just watched.

Is the word FUCK used more in TUF Episode 6 or in Scarface? Pretty lame.

Matt strikes me as being a nice guy, but bein under the illusion that evryone is going 100%, and that he needs to 'win' in training. If anything this shows his lack of experience and hopefully getting rocked will calm him down... Frankly if you go hard in sparring and then brag about it and try to make people look silly, then you're going to either find noone will train with you or your training gets a whole lot harder all of a sudden...