Tuff-N-Uff resuts?

will anyone be posting them? I have a couple friends fighting on the card.

Nikki Garcia just won against Lacy Whitlach 3 round dec 30 - 27 all judges cards.

awwww :(

was it a good fight? I think Lacey has a lot of potential as a fighter

thanks for the update, do I know you?

Just watched the third round, Garcia had the mount was striking a lot, came close to a stoppage but ref let it go till the end with Garcia in the mount most the round.

Carlos Fletes just won with 1st round KO about 45 seconds into the fight.

Referee Richard Steele is in the ring he is retiring from being a referee in boxing etc. and is being presented an award from Nevada.

waiting for the next fight.....

babalu is up next for grappling match....on the way to the ring

babalu won triangle was on tight and he was working the arm at the same time about 2:30 into the first round.

Rampage just walked in the ring says he fights Feb 3 against Marvin Eastman

thanks again :)

looking forward to Donald & Angela

JR simms just won 3rd round choke from half mount just pressed his forearm across the guys throat for the tap.

JR simms just won 3rd round choke from half mount just pressed his forearm across the guys throat for the tap.

Donald is not fighting Manny Reyes dropped out from the fight.

what? manny pulled out? what a bitch! I just met and trained with donald on tuesday. he is a nice guy with good stand up skills. sucks that manny pulled out.

any reason why?

TJ Brown winner 3rd round dec 30 - 27 on all cards over Ronaldo Duarte

Angelo Atuna wins with a crazy triangle almost more from the side than normal triangle position. RD 1 over Kevin Ross

So Angela came out they circle very minimal striking, they clinche,Ginelle Marquez gets a HUGE toss on Angela, GM has top position Half mount, transitions to mount "with ease" per commentator, too close to the ropes reset in the middle, GM has mount but Angela is holding GM's head and will not release, no escape attempt just holding on by Angela, GM is able to pry free and from top position slides forward keeping Angela pinned she appears to get an armbar from the while still in the mount position and sitting on Angela's chest by pulling the arm across her leg, Angela taps....took me more time to type this than the actual fight.

Ginelle Marquez winner Round 1 time was about 1 minute into first round by armbar while sitting in the mount.


anyone have entire results?