Tuff Noob/It happened to me

so i'm at a sports bar tonite to watch the fights. i'm standing there before the fights started and this idiot tuff noob decides to start talking to me. here is the conversation......

tn: heyummmmm i'm training for this stuff

dd: oh yeh

tn: yeh i'm trying to get in the ufc

dd: nods head..no comment

tn: my girlfriend's brother is a champion kickboxer in thailand

dd: really...what's his name?

tn: uuuhhhh.....i don't know it's like one of those cambodian names that's hard to pronounce

dd: nods head...no comment

conversation ends

i read about these idiots all of the time but didn't thik they really existed. keep in mind...i did nothing to start the conversation. also, if the guy would have legitametly just started a conversation about training then that would have been cool. fucking idiot

no thoughts on this? any similar stories?

Met a couple of TUF Noobs at the convient store. Talked some UFC. They were amped for tonight. Had a nice talk.

lol @ if his GF's brother was a legitimate badass!

"It's funny seeing noobs complaining about other noobs."

lol over and over again at the morons that are fucking stupid enough to base if someone is a noob or not by the time they have been on the ug......

another funny thing about it is that this guy had some really fat asian chick (about 4'9"...250#) with him who owned him. she almost made him leave because it was standing room only and she was not going to "stand for that long". she walked outside and that's when he felt the need to tell me about his future in the ufc.