mARCH 17TH AT eDISON hIGH sCHOOL ON 41ST AND hARVARD...... No Gi Grappling tourney.... deatails coming asap.........




entry form

Lets get a good turn out for this. Usually its a strong tournament for the Tulsa area.

This isn't a fight card, its a local grappling tourney. I think your confused m24sws.

Bringing it back up. We would love to see alot of guys all different skill levels make it out. Dont be intimidated if you have never competed, enter beginner & give it a try.

Registration is already available. Lets keep this tourney a strong one for the Tulsa area!!

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Might check this out..

bump, tourney is this weekend, dont forget if plannin to attend.

Bump it on up, today is Tuesday. Only a few more days till the tourney

kaitlinrosie -  30 or 40ish. There weren't that many.

The entire card was done first class, and your fight was definitely the best. I hope you get on the invicta 3 card in Los Angeles because I am going to that in person and want to see another war.


There were so few entries we had to merge the novice & open divisions. Compared to 2yrs ago the turnout was a little disheartening. We expected far more to show, but I guess thats just how it goes sometimes. Thankx to Bloodline for the amount of entries you brought.

Sucks to hear the turnout was so low. Everybody must have been burned out from Naga. Submission grappling has grown considerably in the Tulsa area in the past couple years.