Tulsa Open

 The American Grappling Federation returns to Oklahoma on July 28th to host the 2012 Tulsa Open.  This tournament will be held at Soccer City, in Tulsa. 

Rules and more information can be found by visiting the AGF website.

Early registration ends July 18th (midnight) and is $45
Late registration ends July 25th (midnight) and is $65

Additional divisions (including absolutes) are $20 extra.

This is a Gi and No Gi tournament.  No Gi divisions are not belt ranked, so please be sure to check out the AGF website for full details.

We look forward to seeing you there!2012 Tulsa Open

That's darn near across the street from Triton. Should be a decent turnout.

That's Awesome! I will def be there! Phone Post

It's a fun and well run tournament. Do you think Brandon will sign my bootleg copy of fade to black? Phone Post

Ill be there nogi intermidate and white belt at 135 or 145 if they weigh you with the gi on Phone Post

Looking forward to this tournament. They are practically across the street from us. We will probably have close to 40-60 competitors. Phone Post

Last day to sign up is today by midnight. Phone Post

All NOGI competitors are required to wear a rash guard. Shorts cannot have pockets or metal. Phone Post

Brandon quick runs this tournament?? Phone Post