Thanksgiving is coming up. Where on earth can I get turkey in Japan? Grocery stores don't carry it! :( NEED THE TURKEY!

Even if you got your hands on a Turkey, where would you cook it?

I barely know anybody who owns an oven (I mean a REAL oven, not an oversized microwave).

Actually, you should find that the bigger supermarkets (the ones that stock import foodstuffs) or the ones based in deparment stores will probably have or be able to get you one.

Expect to pay through the nose for it though.

good point..maybe i'll put it in my fish oven. maybe boil it...gah the thought!

Get some military friends. Bases throw down just like back home or try to get one of them to take you to New Sanno Hotel that day. You live in Atsugi which is an open base to civilians so you might be able to hit the base up for an American style Thanksgiving and it would be at no cost either. When I was there I hooked up a lot of people on Thanksgiving day.

Do you have a COSCO close to you? Then you can buy a frozen one there. I think theflyingpig.com also delivers them to your home. Least I've been told they do.

If you've a toaster oven then you can cut the turkey up and cook it in that. It works... Really it does!!!

Issus is right, if you have a large enough(26 litre plus) oven then you can do the small turkey in two pieces.
BTW I think Flying Pig is Just Fukuoka/Kyushu, but I'm sure there is something similar in Tokyo.

National Azabu market in Hiroo(sp?) has turkeys. any I don't know if there are left at this point. For next time.. FBC also has turkeys you can order.

Find a barbecue and slow cook it over indirect heat.

or go to Disneyland and eat turkey over there.

You have several options, none of which are cheap. Most of the big supermarkets in the expat gaijin ghettos have frozen turkeys. In addition to National Azabu in Hiroo, Nissin in Ichinohashi, and Meidi-ya and Kinokuniya stores probably have stock. But expect a huge mark-up. (You should see what they charge for lettuce and tomatoes.)

You can also get a fully-cooked bird from caterers like Kiwi Kitchen, but that would be ridiculously expensive.

I had a modest-sized turkey dinner, with cranberry sauce and hockey puck-like stuffing, at the Wolfgang Puck Cafe in Ark Hills last week. That was 2200 yen or so. There might be turkey meals at places like Homeworks? TGI Friday's? Tony Roma's? Lawry's?

they have tony roma's and tgifriday's in japan? haha.

If you are American and live in Atsugi you can get on the base without any problem and eat like a complete slob on Thanksgiving for free.

In conclusion to this, I actually went to a military base with some friends and had a huge dinner. :D Yay. BUT you can't get on base American or not unless someone who lives on the base signs you in.

They are also selling whole turkey legs at subway for 450 yen now. I was...shocked. It was good, too. A little undercooked...