Turn On CNBC Right Now...

The BIG IDEA with Host Donny Duetch is conducting a show about the UFC.  Forrest, Luke, Matt and Rich are on the panel right now.  The debate is on.  Check it out.



This is a replay of the show but many of you may not have seen it.

Good call.


The UFC portion is now over... it's moving on to the violence in Boxing debate with Sugar Ray Leonard.


PS -- By the way Donny, it's MATT Hughes, Not MIKE Hughes, LOL. 

Not a bad piece.

"I want to thank my panel including. . . Mike Hughes."


Good call Benjamin.

Sooner or later there is going to be a death in living healthy and safely.

It's rough for us, as knowledgeable (or semi-knowledgeable) fans/competitors of the sport, to watch these tv segments where the host doesn't know much about the subject asks questions that he doesn't care to answer or can't allow enough time to be adequately answered. Yay, we got more exposure for the sport we love, but did it help? On a show with a regular host, a recognized/liked person, he will be the one the viewers identify with and they will tend to adopt his ideas on whatever subject being discussed. Since Donny Deutsch is not convinced that a choke won't kill you, for instance, people not watching tv to learn something new (read: almost everyone) will continue to believe the same no matter how obviously Forrest explains that it's a silly notion.

At least Teddy Atlas gets to explain the hypocrisy of football when comparing to boxing (and therefore, mma).

Have there really been deaths (or even death) on a basketball court or the result of happenings on a basketball court? That's crazy.

FYI: The replay tonight is on at 1am EST.

Exactly. Let's get some "expert" to play that point up on tv for us.