Turnover Specialist(Yamato Fukuda)@Portugal Grand Prix

He is the youngest of the three Fukuda brothers(all -60kg), and they all look alike lol and use the same turnover technique. Watch how his right hand is shoved under the uke’s belt.


Wow he is amazing. I like him holding the belt like that.

Allows him better control of the opponent to rotate him on his back. The other hand is just as important grabbing around head/neck/shoulder area to complete the trunover. All the top IJF players use that belt grab technique.

I learned that at some point. I am anxious to get back, I had shoulder surgery two months ago.

For real? Under the belt? Can you show me videos? (These brothers are known for the very high success rate of thier turnovers.) Anyhow, I must have been out of the current style of judo game for too long. I’m from old school and I never experienced the current rules.

A little off the topic, but circa 2018-19, I was back in practice briefly but I felt out of place when no one but me grabbed the leg and gripfought the way I did. I didn’t want to lose my game so I decided not to train again. But I admit that the current rules help develop the skills of certain throws more. Also, now I see a much greater number of “ambidextrous” judoka.

IJF rules change so much that it confuses a lot of people half the time.

Do you happen to know other matches/videos where they shove their hand under the belt like Fukuda does?


Actually for me the rules are clear. TBH, I feel that now judoka are judged more fairly.
The golden score system is amazing.

The reason I have not been back is simply that I just didn’t want to lose the “touch” I obtained through hard training.

I need to go back even thought I am mid 50’s. I don’t know of the videos as I wasn’t the original poster.

My second last post was intended for jbb


Watching the IJF matches over the past year I have noticed Tthe hand is inserted inside the belt, then grabbed. Where this came from or when it started not sure. But this is what is being done today. When I observe a video using this technique I will post it. It is from my observations.

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