Turtle Guard

Anyone using the turtle guard techniques from the Telles dvd or the J.Russell dvd successfully?

been trying the josh russell stuff. seems to be going fine so far.

Anybody making the turle guard work in an MMA training context?

Boy.....not sure I'd be a big proponent of the turtle guard in an MMA type situation. Kinda like the x-guard in that respect too. Way too open for shots, good hard shots as well, (unless perhaps it's just a real quick transition). What I like about the turtle guard concept so far is that I feel more confident in going for attacks, conventional or otherwise in the sense that if it starts to go wrong I roll or turn to turtle guard and start working from there as opposed to being squashed in side or mounted or whatever when an attack goes bad.

i've used a sweep from Michael Jen's turtle guard successfully after I turtle from side mount or turtle on an impending pass.

Highly recommend Jen's

which Michael Jen set has turtle guard?

I have Russell's disc, and it's OK. I am working some of his defensive positioning.

Mike Jen's DVD in question is Ultimate Back Escapes, disc one. It's very good. Here is the description from "http://www.jenbjj.com/Merchandise/UBE.html":

"The first DVD covers the situation when you are on your elbows and knees (turtle position), and your opponent is on top without any hooks in. Escapes are shown when the opponent is in front, side, and behind. This disc contains over 1 hour and 20 minutes of solid information."

Ive been doing turtle for about a year now and been working pretty good for me. The thing about turtle that ive been experience is to always defend the chokes and hooks, after that sweeps will come automatically.

I've used one of the sweeps from Russell's instructional quite a bit, but I don't think it was unique to him. I still need to work more sweeps from there, because I tend to end up in that position a lot. I was in the turtle in the last tournament I entered, and the guy just picked me up to roll me into an armbar. Need to work my defence more.