Twins Thai Pads in the US?

hello Pals, where can i buy a pair of twins thai pads in the us? i just saw the Des Moines extreme fighting shop, they have very good prices. Where else can i buy them?

thanks ryukyu damashi, how good are the Inter thai pads sold in Vut?

Probably me. Weighing the INter vs. Windy or Twins and the padding is definitely more dense in Twins and Windy (4.5lbs on digital scale) vs. 3.0lbs for the Inter. Same volume too Medium size pads.

on a side note, tried out the standard (pretty effin thick) thai pads from CSI. They're thick, but they're a little loose and they can bend. I have been having wrist problems for the past month or two with my left wrist (think i injured it while moving) and roundkicks on that pad were hurtin.

just don't want you folks to forget about me. :-D

Try to read that big honkin email i just sent u and brooks, kinda covers everything goin on, not to assume you're interested in my borin life. hehe