Twins Thai Pads in the US?

hello Pals, where can i buy a pair of twins thai pads in the us? i just saw the Des Moines extreme fighting shop, they have very good prices. Where else can i buy them?

i run warfrog supplies out of des moines and thanks to my wifes computer guy, the site is a bit outdated. we no longer have thai pads, they sell out so fast. but i do have two pairs of concaved focus mits left. my e-mail is if you are interested.

warfrog what about the other stuff? gloves, shin pads,etc? When are you receiving more thai pads?

i am not getting anything anytime soon bro. i got some large twins NHB gloves, lots of medium sized twins shooto gloves, and some 16 oz boxing gloves. once i get through that stuff, i will probably close shop. e-mail me and i can email you back some prices and inventory that i have. i only have one medium pink shin pads left. i was saving them for john halverson, lol, but he passed on them.

Actual twins gear can be bought from or; windy is what ringside and combatsports sell (it's all the same shit, anyway). I say go fairtex. I have the triple thick and they're indestructible. If you're thinking cheap, look at the top contenders from ringside/CBsports. I ordered a pair of the low-line, powerhide ones for one of the guys I train with, and they were nice: $58 S&H included.

I've been ordering from and getting my stuff inside of a month. He's in Thailand, but QUICK.


Hi pals thanks for the info, I checked Vut page, they have Inter pads, how good are these?, also once i heard that title thai pads are actually twins, is that true?