Twister easter eggs????

twister easter eggs????

whats twister?

"The Twister" dvd easter eggs: 1. Go to scene selections and highlight the Eddie/Royler match. Don't do anything else, just leave it highlighted for a minute and one them will start from there.

  1. Again from the scene selections, highlight Thick and Meaty. Leave it on for about 1 min 45 seconds and another will pop up.

  2. For the last 3 go to the Bonus Area section. You will see an arrow, highlight it. Once the arrow is highlighted push the follow buttons in this sequence: down, left left left, enter. You will then come to a screen with Jeopardy music playing and a bunch of dots. Highlight the 4th dot from the left on top and hit enter, that is one. Highlight the last dot on the bottom row, that is two. Finally on the top row, move the cursor all the way to the left until it is off the screen. Hit enter and that will be the third one. Good luck and enjoy!

"THE TWISTER" dvd is available at,, and

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It is a great video, I need to buy the book.


Eddie did you switch from thc to lsd?
im lost.

If you were going to hide something on the DVD, then you could have hidden some good porn or something...

P.s.i refuse to buy youre vid until you Fight LOL
I did buy the jj Machado at price from Terry
well worth 5 bucks I shoulda paid 55 he is sick


when is the new book coming out?

Eddie, if you read this, I have your Unleashed book and I have a question. Could you please explain the calf crush move a little. I can't quite see it in the picture. It says you are driving your heel into the guy's calf, but the picture doesn't show the leg placement in detail. It might be called the calf crank. I think it is done from the twister roll over, or truck.

calf crush is clearly illustrated in the DVD and even one of the easter eggs! other words, buy the DVD ya cheap bastard! :)