Twister Info

My students and I have been experimenting with the TWISTER and have
had great results with it.

I was first shown the TWISTER by Gene LeBell at Gokors school back in
1997. Glad too see guys like Eddie using as a submission.

I find it easier to get the TWISTER while having my opponents back.
Starting in the par terre position, hooking the same side leg in the
inside of the calf (as if going for a calf crush), and hooking the
diagonal opposite arm under the arm pit and rolling backwards. Then
just feeding my arm around my opponents neck and connecting hands
with either regular grip or "Defcon 4".

Next class I will take some pics so you guys can see what I mean.

If anyone can tell me how to post pics, I will do this for you guys!

Ok so u guys are reading the post.. But how about telling me how to
put pics on here...

to post pics:

img src="pic's url here"

But replace both * with < in the beginning and > at the end

btw, is your profile for real? Respect! The kind of Lady I would like to meet in real life.

Damn Musashi beat me to it!

shakes fist angrily at Musashi

SILK I am for real but have not been on here for a few years due to
work and I havent fought since 2001 because of injuries! Back injury to
be specific...Believe me what ever you do, dont EVER injure your back
as it can be debilitating...I am lucky to be able to teach!

That is the same way that I show it!

you will need to have a photo saved on a web page. you can find a free place at or some place like that.

to post a photo You clik the  PRO HTML editor, on the top row there is a  little photo of a mountian click that, then in the Image Information pop up window there is a line  "Source".  so you right click your photo on the page you made, click properties, clip and past the address (url) in the sorce line. and you should get your photo in the little window.

clip and past this and see if it works for you.

Damn sorry to hear that. how it happen? I hear ya about injuries. In the past 2 years I've had 4 surgeries already (snapped femur and fractured forehead bone)

(shameless married? ;-))

I was living in Vancouver playing AAA Hockey and got hit from behind.
The player hit me with their stick in the lower part of my spine which
forced an over extension in the lower lumbar spine, forced the disc to
rupture slightly. I also pulled muscles as well.

I have bypassed surgery by getting acupuncture, Chiro and Massage
and not rolling with guys too much heavier than myself. I think the
biggest thing is realizing how lucky I am to not be paralyzed as I was
able to get my arms up to contact with the boards before my head hit.
So, I am lucky that my neck is OK.

I am happy to have my school and teaching MMA is more important
than AAA Hockey. I still play hockey, but more for fun..

No, I am not married and prefer to stay that way, dont take it
personally. I just dont respect the institution of marriage. I think
people can be with each other without the piece of paper.

Glad you're well and mobile then're single then....? ;)

Now that you've had several people explaining pic posting procedures, where are the pics at??

SILK.... I will take photos on Thursday which is when I teach Class next,
I will take TWISTER pics then and will post them..

Not to be off color here, but if you knew what I looked like, I dont think
you would be asking me about marriage..LOL! Just being honest..

Thanks for all your guys help!

Getting the twister from the back is definately the easiest way and
getting it from side control is probably the hardest way, BUT getting
someone's back is way harder than getting them in side control.

Plus, if you get someone's back you might as well just choke'em.

Eventually, if you really want to master the twister, you should learn
how to get it from side control, but what do I know, just my 2 cents.

Thanks Eddie.

I agree with you on getting the back is harder than from side control. I
am working on getting it from side control, but it is difficult. The leg
part is fine but pulling the guy over you is where it becomes difficult.
But I am working on it.


"Did Rogan let you film in his house?"

No, that was my crazy baller friend Laurence's house.

He's the dude with me in the last Grappling mag with the rubber guard.

He's pretty fuckin' good at jiu jits too.


I have had a lot of success with the twister from the back mount (where you act like you are going for the calf crunch) and you roll into the position.

Also also a lot of success when I have a guy backmounted and I am back down the the mat with my opponent "stacking me" if you will. I just take out one hook and figure 4 my legs around one of my opponents legs, and then start to thread my arm and head under his arm.

However I have A LOT of trouble with it from sidemount, I just can't seem to nail the position.

ttt for Eddie Bravo!