Twitter REACTS to Cormier vs. Gus

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                                Twitter REACTS to Cormier vs. Gus

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                    <p>&quot;Then he showed these men of will what will really was.&quot;</p>

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is a Grandmaster of The Grind, and the whole sport was honored to watch it on full display Saturday night, as DC slowly, literally ground Alexander's face away.

As always, Twitter reacted.

The Spartan @EliasTheodorou
Can Gus be more than "the guy who almost beat Jon Jones?" Tonight we find out.

Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah
Don't think the belt will be changing hands tonight #andstill

Derek Brunson @DerekBrunson
The earth just shook with that slam!

chad mendes @chadmendes
HOLY SHIIIIT!!! That was insane!! Think that was a coolest takedown I've seen in Mma so far son of a!

Jerome-Max Holloway @BlessedMMA
Damn dc giving out frequent flyer miles

 The Spartan @EliasTheodorou
It's like watching a T-Rex mauling a brontosaurus.

Makwan Amirkhani @MakwanAmirkhani
Camoon Alex ♥♥♥

Ray Borg @tazmexufc
Said it once and I'll say it again high level wrestlers don't transition good into mma wrestling. impressive takedowns by Gustafson

Makwan Amirkhani @MakwanAmirkhani
Pliis Alex

Derek Brunson @DerekBrunson
Gus taking uppercuts like it's one of his fetishes!

Jessica Penne @JessicaPenne
This fight is insane!!!!! #UFC192

 Dan Henderson @danhendo
Wow, damn good fight. Rounds 2&3 were close. Got DC up by 1 round

Bethe @bethecorreia
Jesus Cristo que luta eh essa! Cornier um Mostro

Chris Weidman @ChrisWeidmanUFC
Gut check time.

Raphael Assunca @RaphaAssuncao
Was that a back fist by Cormier?!!

Amanda Nunes @Amanda_Leoa
Holy shit

Demetrious Johnson @MightyMouseUFC

Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah
Both with damage but gustafsson looks way worse. Starting to turn and run a lot from DC's pressure 3-1 dc

Dan Henderson @danhendo
I got DC 3 rounds to 1 but 3 really close rounds

Chito Vera @chitoveraUFC
Great fight ,, but don't run like that

 Kevin Lee @MoTownPhenom
It was just how I said. Gus might've let me down in that 5th

Darren Elkins @DarrenElkinsMMA
I have it 3 rounds to 2 for Cormier! Awesome fight!

What a fight.  I think Alex won

Tarec Saffiedine @tarecfighter
I think it can goes either way! Close close fight

Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah
Another great light heavyweight fight. Active rd 5 with dc really controlling all the action. 4-1 #andstill

Rafael dos Anjos @RdosAnjosMMA
Awesome main event, good night everybody! Congrats @dc_mma  and @AlexTheMauler

Daniel Cormier def. Alexander Gustafsson via Split Decision (47-48, 48-47, 49-46)

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"It's like watching a T-Rex mauling a brontosaurus."


Oh no, are we going to start capitalizing buzz words in our thread titles like we're GiGAHEART?

Great move UG Blog. A wonderful homage to one of the brightest stars the UG has ever had.