Rumour has it Google is buying Twitter.

Joe do you use tweetdeck, Crooklyn recomended it to me a few days ago, its an awsome app for your twitter needs

Zedlepln - 
Kirik -  I wish you freakin kids would stop inventing things. I still am a little iffy on the cell phone. Social networking is tougher - WHAT there are two of these sites??!? And now a schedule of when you poop and put your socks on ...

The young whippersnappers these days couldn't even imagine life without teh interweb. Back in my day, if you wanted to make a call from your "portable device," you had to put a dime in a machine called a pay phone. Sometimes, you even had to wait on some long winded cow to stop yapping so you could use it. To get to one of these marvels of technology, we walked 2 miles, in the snow, up hill, there and back.

 When I used to visit my grandmother in Maine, she had a party line. No, kids, that is not an 800 line where you can talk naughty to each other :-)

backfistmedia - wife and my friends call me an old soul because I wish we didn't have the web, 50 wireless devices, blogs, etc...but since we do, I use them to their potential as a 26 year old nerd.

yea I don't like being always connected all the time.

There was one girl in my third grade class who had conference call, and we would always use her to set up a three-way call and have one person mute and listen in on a conversation to catch them "gossiping".

LOL at the people on here who make themselves feel good by making the same tired comments about Twitter. Yeah, there's a lot of douchery on there, but it's pretty similar to the UG in that regard.

Kristina Green - twitter got huge because it was an easy way for scumbag internet marketers to build their blast lists for their latest get rich quick products. youre seeing more and more of it lately as its parent company, Obvious, recently made several high profile dealings with NBC and other media outlets.

This is why youre seeing it on the kimmel show and others.

hopefully it ends up being a viable tool in the future, but as of right now, its only purpose is to let me know the latest latte bill from wisconsin ordered at Starbucks.

not sure, i think it is the least "look at me!!!" of all all the networking sites, i mean unlike myspace, facebook, etc, random people/marketing companies cannot jam up your shit with random posts, and if you are using other app on your phone or comp, the only updates or snipets of convo you see are the ones you choose to follow. i.e if you follw joe rogan, you would have got his UFN 18 updates..all short and sweet!!

i think it fucking rocks,

 Am i the only one on the planet who doesn't text, use Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc etc? I mean what the fuck is the big deal about just calling somebody or them calling you? I think texting is WAY more work than a phone call so texting can kiss my ass.