Two Reebok conspiracy theories

(1) You think all the mistakes were intentional to get people to buy? Some dumb fucks may want to invest in the soon to be rare "Giblert Melendez" shirts thinking it will be worth a lot one day. Once you buy a novelty shirt, you may be inclined to buy a regular one. I wouldn't but consumers are dumb.

(2) This is not a conspiracy theory, just an observation. It seems as if several fighters have taken Koscheck's advice and fighting out their contract in the hopes of testing the free market and to keep lucrative sponsors should they leave the UFC.

Ben Henderson wanted to take a third 2015 fight in July (but couldn't). Giblert is taken a third fight in less than eight months. Machida took the Romero fight just two months after Rockhold. Those are three off the top of my head. For this observation, I'm not including Donald Cerrone.

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Guys are fighting a lot and could be burning the contact fights to take off. Easier comp in bellaforce and sponsor $$$$ is there too. I'd do it I their place. Fight the best and get paid 10k by a major company like reebok or fight scrubs and fatten the highlight reel and the wallet? Kids and wives need to eat. And they'll eat better if you've got sponsors willing to come back when you show up in bellator. At the end of the day it's about the paycheck yo. Phone Post 3.0

Reebok has no clue about mma or it's fans. They are treating this like it's Crossfit and trying to tell the fans what they want.

There may be a ton of great fabrics and tech going into the gear but the fashion side of it BLOWS.