Two UFC fighters w/ bros in Mecca on this pic(pic)

looks futuristic


well played, moscow


its normally cold around this time though

Always the smiling pose! They look soooo happy!

Happiness is a sign of weakness Phone Post 3.0

Imagine how much more fun that would be with beer

StocktonStickerSlap - Man did Tukhugov shit the bed with that garbage performance against Moicano or what Phone Post 3.0

Assalam Aleikum, brothers and sisters. Thank you for your support. Forgive me that I couldn't show what I'm able to do. Weight cut affected me badly, I didn't feel my legs. After the first round I wasn't myself. Nevertheless I believe I won 1st and 3rd rounds but I was at enemy's territory. My opponents broke the rules but they didn't stop the fight. I hope I will fight a high-level fight next time and I promise you I'm Top 10 soon. I will correct my mistakes and please my fans. Assalam Aleikum.

You have to admit, those fuckers look comfortable as hell!! Phone Post 3.0

When I pilgrimage somewhere hot there just HAS to be chicks in bikinis. Phone Post 3.0

And not a woman was spotted that day. Phone Post 3.0

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Is that real in the background? Looks like some movie set of an alien races home planet. Phone Post 3.0

Hmmmmmmm where's the wimenz ? Phone Post 3.0

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Love the white Crocs here. They actually fit the clothing and look. Hard to do with Crocs!

They call the guy on the left "Hilarious Ahmed" Phone Post 3.0

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The most excited people there are the ones on the wall.