Tyson Griffin is awesome

Is this guy capable of having a boring fight?

Granted I've only seen 4 of his fights (3 ufc fights and his Faber fight) but this guy needs to start getting promoted more heavily. He's been in two fights worthy of being discussed as FOTY (i think Griffin/Edgar is FOTY so far).

Great fight and Guida comes away from the loss with his stock higher since a lot of people thought he won.

should be another fight of the night bonus for mr griffin.. his 3rd ufc fight
and should be his 3rd bonus..2 fight of the night(they should get it for
tonight)and 1 submision of the night(vs david lee)

The fight was a toss up, but Guida clearly won it. There is no way he did not win 2 of 3 rds.

Yeah it was pretty close and I wouldn't have been surprised at all if the decision went to Guida.

I want Griffin/Huerta and Edgar/Guida on a card.

Great fight. Guida deserved the win, though.

Great fight. One of those that has no loser, like Griffin-Bonnar I.

However, Clay won 29-28 IMHO.

"I think they split Fight of the Night bonus. "

The FOTY bonus goes to both fighters involved...not just one guy like sub of the night.

Griffin or Guida v. Huerta would be great

Clay won.

Guida won. Great fight.

I 100% agree with Strike. Clay showed a ton of class and a nice dedication to Jeremy.

RIP Jeremy Willaams ( we should all get a shirt )

I thought Clay won. But would love to see both of them in the UFC again.

fight of the night each fighter gets a fat bonus(well deserved in this case)