U.S. Ilustrisimo seminars in March

In March Ray Floro will be returning to the US to conduct a series of kali ilustrisimo seminars.
March 6 & 7: Northern CA (Bay Area)/contact Michael Jen at mjen@pacbell.net

March 13 & 14: New Hampshire/contact Steven Lefebvre at airyu@hotmail.com

March 20 & 21: Southern CA (LA area)/contact Marc Scott at marcdscott@yahoo.com

More details on cost, time, and location coming soon.....

This is a seminar not to be missed. Especially if you are like me and had given up on finding a style of stick and knife fighting that trained with reality in mind.

Ray's prowess is well known and more so his students are equally impressive. What impresses and inspires me most about Ray is just how quickly you can learn his material and apply it is sparring. He has taken what for years has been an incredibly complex style of martial art and pared it down into a quick to learn and simple to apply set of principals.

I have yet to meet anyone who after training with Ray has not become a believer.

Any seminars in Texas planned?

Lemme just say having trained with Rodney King and Raymond Floro i think those who liked Rodney's stuff will DIG Rays. Ray is a boxer of 15 years and developed his stuff through SPARRING.

For those in northern Californian, Ray's ilustrisimo seminar will be held in San Carlos, CA on March 6 and 7. The seminar will be from 2pm - 5:30pm on both days. The cost will be $150 for both days and everyone must be registered and paid by Feb. 29th.

To register, call 408-531-1001 or e-mail me at mjen@pacbell.net.

Michael Jen



ttt especially for the SBG guys

Just a quick reminder to those who have registered for the northern CA Ray Floro Kali Ilustrisimo seminar that it will be held at:

Penninsula Thai Kickboxing

217 Old County Rd., No. 5 San Carlos, CA

2pm - 5pm

See you all there!