U want Jorge Gurgel @ your school?

Jorge Gurgel will be running a Seminar Tour through July, August, & September.  We are currently in the process booking schools all over the U.S. & Canada, and we still have as few weekends available.


I can speak from "first hand experience" that Jorge's seminars are very informative!  The techniques that are shown will make you want to modify the way to 'roll', drill, compete, and even think about Jiu-Jitsu.


Jorge only teaches what works!  Either training for his upcoming UFC bout, or teaching a beginner level Gi class...he will only teach techniques & drills that he himself uses everyday.


This is a great opportunity to have one the best young BJJ Black Belts in the U.S. to come and help out with your game!


If you would be interested in hosting a Jorge Gurgel Seminar, please contact:


Dustin Ware