Just got word that Rory McDonell won his fight via triangle in the 1st round.

Congrats Rory!

others-compton/tamaki result?

Jason Day vs Ron Faircloth - Jason Day via TKO in the 2nd
Jordan Mein vs Kevin Manderson - Mein via TKO 1st
Wilf Betz vs Bill Boland - Boland KO 1st
Dave De Lorenzi vs Markhaile Wedderburn - Markhaile Choke 1st
Tim Tamaki vs Greg Compton - Compton choke 2nd round
Jean-Marc Lalonde vs Rory McDonell - McDonnell Triangle 1st
Ferrid Kheder vs Mike Newton - Kheder 2nd round TKO
Brett Portieous vs Simon Marini - Marini Decision
Chris Lee vs Chris Burns - Lee via TKO 1st

Awesome Greg!! Good job!!

congrats greg

good night of fights, Day looked great, another win over a ufc vet under his belt!

mein/manderson was stopped a bit early but was a great fight, mein looked ruthless, though manderson threw him with what looked like it could have been a fight ending throw, nasty!

tamaki/compton was really good too, back and forth, tough fight, both guys looked good

boland threw some wicked punches and mcdonnel looked super slick on the ground (as i expected)

Congrats Greg.

Awesome job Rory!!!!!

Way to go Greg!

Ronin MMA

awesome, congrats greg! i bet that felt great to get that win!
cheers buddy!

Congrats Greg, had no doubt you'd pull it off!
You're a beast


CONGRATS to all you guys!! Hard work Pays off. Brett,, I heard fought a good tough fight and came up a lil shy on a dec. Its ok,,work hard and you learn lots from those fights!! Trust me I know!! Showtyng.........Choking hing!!!



TTT for billy

congrats to Jordan Mein and Jay Day. Jordan's been wrecking guys lately.