UFC 100 in Rome, Italy...

...would be spectacular. The 100th show in Rome. Birthplace of the gladiator. Now that Lorenzo is on full time and taking the show all over the planet it is a possibility.

Imagine if they could put on a show inside the Colosseum.


Either would be sweet.

But I'd imagein that UFC 100 will be in Vegas


How about we keep it in Vegas and you STFU?

Biggest arena in Italy is in Torino is Olympic Arena that seats 12,350. Rome arena is PalaLottomatica which seats 10,710

Olympic Indoor Hall in Athens Greece seats 18,800

JimmersonzGlove -  Hopefully UFC 100 is as epic as UFC 50!

That was a pretty good event.

I'd fuckin go, seriously. I'd buy my plane tickets right fuckin now.

ttt for Rome.

As much as I would like to see it, I guarantee that it won't be inside the Colosseum.

MMA is nothing in Italy and most of mainland Europe.

time to change that Sativa armbar.

Good topic actually.

Fors sure UFC 100 will have to be big and spectacular.

A huge LAS VEGAS UFC is possible , it is the current mecca for UFC and Boxing.

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN... the most historic boxing venue where legends have tread, and in the heart of the Big Apple.

ROME or ATHENS, GREECE are two good possibilities, cant think of any others more historic.

By the time UFC 100 comes around , it could even be on TV in prime time..

Based on how long on average between fights, anyone know the appprox. time UFC will fall on. JUst another 15 UFC's or so till then.

 My vote is for Chicago. Unless the get here before then. Then Rome or Greece is fine, or Nebraska

Well, at this rate, we will be seeing it in about six weeks. I am sure they will be announcing it soon.

or a UFC mega show in Hawaii!

 Quite frankly, they should hold it in Saginaw, MI at the Civic Center.

No way man. Phuket Thailand. On the beach. No fans in the crowd. All PPV.

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