UFC 102 Blackout in Portland ?? WTF !!!!!

I was listening to 1080 the fan and on Isaac and Suke they reported that there is going to be a blackout within 20 miles of the Portland area for UFC 102, due to the fact that the most expensive tickets aren't sold out. WTF ! Oregon does not have the strongest of economies and a lot of people (myself included) get 3 or 4 buddies together to all put down $10 a piece on it. Say it aint so.

Do not fret. It will sell out, and there will be NO blackout.

Your first problem was listening to Isaac and the Big Suck!

thats what the ufc gets for going to that shithole

I know nothing about this? This was not my decision!

Dana White

I've never heard of a PPV being blacked out. Just broadcasts on network tv.

sounds like BS. Portland sucks anyway.

Portland does not suck... Great place to live!

while bulletmagnet is wrong about portland sucking (it rules) he is right that this report is bullshit. there will be no blackout. No way are they going to give up the inner 20 miles of PPV's because their front row seats aren't all filled yet. As if someone who is buying a $40 PPV is going to be able to pony up 3 grand because he can't watch it in his own living room, and they know that.


goku - thats what the ufc gets for going to that shithole

Way to kick a guy when he's down.

exactly. give em away to top tier fighters and famous people

I drove past the belmont inn today and they had a sign out saying they would not be showing UFC 102 because of a blackout..SAY IT AINT SO

frontrowbrian -  The reason for the blackout is UFC has moved only 9,000 tickets and the Rose Garden holds double that for MMA. UFC fucked up by scaling the tickets to $600 just like they fucked up in Minneapolis for UFC 87 which got blacked out. It should have been a sell out with GSP and Brock on the card but UFC got greedy.

The main reason for scaling the tickets so high is Oregon has a very high tax on live gates. 6% to the city of Portland and 6% to the State Athletic Commission. With 12% getting taken off the top, they attempted to make that up by charging 600 a pop when the market equilibrium price was probably in the $350-400 range.

I wouldn't look for UFC to return to Portland in the future.

nice detailed analysis. i'd hate to be Portland if i was a fight fan.

I live near Portland. Are tickets still for sale?

Well fuck, if it ain't sold out does anyone here know how I can get some free tix to help them make it look like a sellout to the PPV audiences?

maybe its time to hit a bar in Salem where its showing if indeed its a 20 mile radious

Damn, i just looked at Tix, $200-$600 for anything decent. $50 for nosebleeds.

Would have liked a more moderate pricing structure.

They also may have overplayed the Randy drawing power, along with the other factors fronrowbrian said.

Hope its not blacked out, that will be weak.

good thing ill be there live

That makes a lot more sense, thank you. UFC party at my place lol