UFC 103 Quick Results

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                                UFC 103 Results: Belfort vs. Franklin

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                    <p><strong>UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort Official Results</strong></p>

September 19, 2009 - 7:00 PM
Dallas, Texas United States

Winner Loser Method Round Time  
Rich Franklin v. Vitor Belfort        
Mirko Crocop v. Junior Dos Santos        
Martin Kampmann v. Paul Daley        
Josh Koscheck v. Frank Trigg        
Tyson Griffin v. Hermes Franca        
Efrain Escudero v. Cole Miller        
Drew McFedries v. Tomasz Drwal        
Jim Miller v. Steve Lopez        
Nik Lentz v. Rafaello Oliveira        
Rick Story v. Brian Foster        
Eliot Marshall v. Jason Brilz        
Vladimir Matyushenko v. Igor Pokrajac        
Rob Emerson v. Rafael Dos Anjos        
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This card may not have star power, but it does have a lot of interesting matchups that I can't wait to see play out.

Matyushenko should of been on the main card IMO.

 War Dos Anjos!

UGK4Life - Matyushenko should of been on the main card IMO.


I like the Janitor and all, but I'm not especially pumped to see him fight an Octagon virgin.  Let him get a few wins under his belt and get a fight versus someone who matters.

1/6 on the undercard... this is not good :(



 Efrain Escudero


i did not expect to see cole miller get KOed tho

 Tyson Griffin

 Josh Koscheck

 Paul Daley

thnks tsgigor u da mudda f**kin shit holmes


Junior dos Santos win

i had mirko losing this fight so no suprise wiht the result.

dos santos is a freaking beast

 Congrats Santos!!

Belfort is a fucking beast

no gif?