UFC 103 vs. Mayweather/Marquez

 It looks like they are both going to be broadcast on September 19th.  Which do you think will do more PPV buys?

 and which will you watch (for those who are fans of both boxing and MMA)

I like both and will watch both but I will watch UFC live.

I'll be getting the boxing.

I'll watch the UFC and read if they boxing match is worth watching, if it is, I'll see it the next weekend when HBO does a replay.

 I will order 103 and prob watch just the main event of boxing on the net.

FUCK!!! My head will probably explode...

 UFC 103 Prelims will be on SPIKE to boot!

UFC 103. I'd probably pick Mayweather vs Pacman over most UFC's but not this fight.

 Gotta watch Marquez shock the world.... brb.

Probably gonna get the boxing card. They've actually put together a compelling undercard for once and Franklin/Belfort is not a particularly compelling main event.

 ill be watching the mayweather fight the undercard for that is a solid one wanna see chris john vs rocky juarez 2 first fight was great.

Marquez is my favourite fighter, gonna record one and watch them both.

 Watching UFC for sure but I am really looking forward to the boxing as well, will probably watch it immediately after.

I think I'll get the boxing card myself.  Mayweather and Marquez are two of the marquee fighters of this era and neither of them probably has too many fights left.  Although boxing undercards are notoriously bad compared to the UFC, this is a chance to see the equivalent of a GSP-Penn for boxing and, regardless of how the fight goes down, it's an 'event' because of the names involved.

I'm not sure it outsells the UFC though.  Even weak UFC cards do pretty well...certainly better than weak PPVs by Mayweather or Marquez.  It's really a test of how transcendent a star Mayweather has become after fighting other stars and doing a lot of non-boxing publicity.  Not only is Marquez no Ricky Hatton or ODLH when it comes to PPV buys, but Mayweather is no Hattion or ODLH in that regard either.

I'll watch UFC live, and tape boxing.

Mayweather boxing is kind of annoying to watch. punch, clinch, repeat.

insomnia - Mayweather boxing is kind of annoying to watch. punch, clinch, repeat.
He's not an exciting fighter--more of a Lyoto Machida than a Wanderlei Silva.  But it's impressive to watch him work his style so effectively.

Like a lot of people who were already boxing fans, I cringed when it became apparant that De La Hoya - Mayweather was going to be the boxing match that brought in millions of casual fans.  The fact that the fight itself was boring didn't surprise anyone who thought through how their styles matched up.


Which one would you want to order AGAIN?

i'm going to the abbey tavern, as i believe they're showing both. i'll be likely doing the same in november. i'll have to make sure i get there early for a seat.