UFC 104 @ Blondies East in NYC..

This our last UFC as Blondies. The name is being changed to Manny's. Same place, just a different name. The only thing that will change is the menu. The food is going to be much better and we are keeping our famous wings on the menu.

Please TTT if you plan on coming so I can get an estimated number of how many people we will have. If this one doesn't have a good turnout, we will no longer be airing the fights, so please, NY MMA fans make an effort to come. Thanx.

I will be there! I like the chubby brunette barmaid with the big tits! Nice girl!

me too!


$10 as always. You don't even want to know what it costs us to get it.




There are plenty of places in the city that show it for free.

Yeah and they all suck. We have the best wings in the city and more flat screen tvs than just about anywhere.



playwright's is free and doesn't suck. in fact, a bunch of people who train at various mma/bjj/muay thai gyms watch the fights there on a regular basis. nothing personal dude, but you can't charge cover when the other bars aren't and expect people to show up in droves. if you dropped the cover, you'd get way more people and you'd make more money overall from drinks/food, guaranteed. just a suggestion

We get charged over $1000 to get the fight here. We have to charge cover or we won't make much profit. Bellator WW champ Lyman Good and MW Uriah Hall are always here for every viewing along with most of our training partners. How many champions go to Playwrights? We all went their once and the cover was $20. Did they change it all of a sudden?

Is this the Blondies on 2nd Avenue next to the Big Easy?

There are plenty of bars that show it, and are way better than Blondie's. Just because they decide to show it illegally is not my fault nor risk. I just enjoy it!

The bar I used to work at would purchase it from home, bring their cable card in, and watch it for normal price. Those were good times... lol. 

That being said, people should support Blondies. I've never been there (we usually watch the fights at my place), but if I was to head into the city I would definitely check it out, I've heard great things.

 ttt 4 Blondies

yes, they changed it a while ago. there is no cover now. regarding the people who watch the fights at playwright's, 4th degree bjj black belt marcos santos was there for ufc 101 along with a dozen nova uniao guys. that was the last time i was there. i didn't want to towe it up, but you asked.

also, playwright's does not show it illegally. it has always been on the ufc's official list of bars. that list used to be on ufc.com, but now it's here: http://www.joehandpromotions.com/search/index.php?zip=10001&dist=1&mile=25&go=go. playwright's is on that list and blondie's is not. i'm not saying blondie's isn't gonna show the fights, but your claim that you need to charge cover because you're doing it legally is not accurate. playwright's shows the fights legally, does not charge a cover, and, as i said before, makes enough money to justify doing it. why? because people go to watch the fights for free and end up buying a lot of drinks and food. it's a three hour event. if people don't show up because they'd have to pay a cover, the bar doesn't get any of their money. i'm telling you, if you dropped the cover, your bar would make more money than if you didn't, no question.

shb, I respectfully disagree. Bars pay a shit ton for pay per views depending upon the occupancy, and in some places, it's almost not worth it to show an event without a cover charge.