UFC 105 FREE on SPIKE??!

coulda swore that is what the ad said on spike tonite when iwas peeking at Steelers beating down on Broncos and flipping back to UFC

Not sure I'd order 105 if it were a PPV, but its kickass free event. I actually have no clue how the main event will go. I could see Randy taking Vera down over and over, winning a decision. And I could equally see Vera being too quick and too slick with his striking, possibly scoring a TKO win. Should be a fun event.

yup it's free, it's a pretty solid card.

 I know Manny/Cotto ppv starts at 9pm, but does anyone know what time the main event is likely to start? It would be perfect if it starts at 11pm right as UFC ends.

it will be tape delayed, the live show is at 3 pm et

thanks guys..i was just making sure i was misreading for something else

havent seen the card yet

Awesome that we get 105 for free. It has some solid fights for a free card.