ufc 112 on early in the morning on the west coast

UFC 112 on April 10 from Abu Dhabi will air live on PPV starting at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific. It will also replay in the usual 10 EST/7 PST timeslot that same day.



 what about 109, sydney? 

to remember

KRoyer - to remember

JT42382 -  what about 109, sydney? 


109 was this past Saturday

110 airs on the Sunday at 10 pm est

I'll watch the 10pm replay.
And avoid online news and forums.

Because UFC in the morning isn't half as good.

Fuck that. anytime is the right time for Vitor vs Silva


JT42382 -  what about 109? 

Where the hell do you live that they havent aired that yet?...

lol i kid


JT42382 -  what about 109, sydney? 

Airs live on Saturday, February 20th at 10 pm et/7 pm pt.

South Carolina peeps are already invited to my house for lunch and PPV...