UFC 132

 Best UFC card in a long time.

Lately the big 'proper' UFC events have sucked (and the freebies have been decent).

Tonight bucked the trend. GREAT card full of entertaining fights.

No LnP in sight. Good matchups. Good KO's and subs.

 I'd love to see the compustrike on Cruz/Faber too! LOL

I agree, i have found many of the ufc lately to be subpar but this one was great from start to finish.

Whats sad though is if people dont like decisions they will still say the show sucked, even though the content (the fights themselves) were great.

 I even enjoyed the decisions tonight. Guys were fighting.

 132 was OUTSTANDING!!!



 Up for a TTTop event

it was amazing. Phone Post

Great card.

TTiTles Phone Post