Ufc 146 S/N Bet

So I lost a bet a while back, I need a new screen name bet. Anybody wanna take a bet? Something off the main card... Phone Post

Ill take jun Phone Post

Junior Phone Post

Nope, any others? Anybody want Mir? Or a different fight Phone Post

I'll take Lavar Phone Post

KZTT_thatwhitekid - I'll take Lavar Phone Post
Youre on! 3 month bet? Phone Post

iLoveJustinBieberandIcp -
KZTT_thatwhitekid - I'll take Lavar Phone Post
Youre on! 3 month bet? Phone Post
Sure can I keep KZTT Phone Post

You mean like can it be KZTT- then random screen name? Phone Post

Yes KZTT_(insert name here) even though you won't need to remember that cause Lavar is gonna get up in that ass Phone Post

TFK_figure8 -
camicom -
jimmy23 -
camicom -
anthonyMI -
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anthonyMI -
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Reading these comments is sad. 

So many posts talking with great hyperbole about how the other team will be mad/upset about this. 

I cant imagine too many people on either "side" will be disappointed with this news. 

Dude, just look at Twiiter, CNN, and some of the comments here. Some idiots are completely unhappy that he was killed under the Trump admin. Just look at AnthonyMI comments. No, "hey this is great news" its "well, it really didn't matter, because someone will take his place", or " He blew himself, it gives him more street cred"

Tell me I'm wrong.

What I said was that I will wait for more confirmation before celebrating because he has been killed before. Once it is confirmed, I'll celebrate. Piss on the genocidal prick's grave.

But you are completely naive if he won't be treated as a martyr. If he had just been droned to death it would have been less romantic. Not much to be done about that probably, shooting a rocket into a crowded city would have been bad so him getting a chance die in the best way for him is the less bad option. You are even more naive if you don't think he will be replaced, especially when ISIS is making a resurgence. This isn't chess. The game isn't over once you take the Caliph.

But keep going with your ridiculous Trump fanfiction.

Its confirmed


Lets here the words. "Thank you Pres Trump for green lighting the operation that killed AB"


I'll give it a week before getting excited.

I don't know why I would thank Trump for it. Thank sounds like some dictator cult of personality stuff. Congratulations to whoever was on the team that cornered him, intelligence officers who tracked him, and the SDF fighters who drove him out of Raqqa.

Just what I thought. You're a despicale child, who still can't get over 2016.

ALL the WINNING has driven you insane.

Did you send Obama a loving hand written note after bin Laden was killed?

Me neither. Because I don't feel the need to turn a politician into a surrogate father figure.

There are very real people in Syria and Iraq who were victimized by this cunt and very real people who have been fighting against him since 2013 (really 1999). Not everything in the world is about that fun time you had shitposting in 2016 and you using them as a source of entertainment.

Muh Obama, no, but I actually told my wife that he finally did something worthwhile, so you can go fuck yourself, you petulant child.


But did you thank him? Send him a fruit basket maybe?

And there are people on this thread criticizing Obama for the bin Laden kill. You seem oddly ok with that for someone who was so grateful.

You cant even bring yourself to thank Pres Trump on a forum, thats how unhinged you are.

Thank him on a forum ?


What a drama queen

You never, ever get to condemn anyone ever again after Covington.kids and chief Lyin' Bull!


Damn dude, camicon says you can't so it really is over for you.  I can't believe this is what being an adult actually ends up being like.  Weird world, weirder people.

The fact you cant decipher tongue in cheek banter from reality speaks volumes about your intellect.

My angus is peppered Phone Post

Lol, give me a few hours to think of a name :-) Phone Post

No problem I won't tuck Phone Post

How about KZTT_I_<3_mazzagatti Phone Post

Dammit KZTT_i heart mazzagatti Phone Post

Are you decided on that? Phone Post

Yeah Phone Post

Cool will email them now Phone Post

Test Phone Post

Ok it has been changed Phone Post