UFC 174 Post-fight Press Conference

Countdown timer shows it will start at 1 AM EST.
It'll likely be pushed back since the event just ended.

"Starting soon..."

Rory Mac!

Kiss me Phone Post 3.0

"Starting soon..."

how does rory not get a PON bonus?

Dana got the fuck out of dodge, hes not showing up to the presser lol. Highway robbery.

lol @ Dana not showing up, probably went to finish his nap


AA is not happy about is performance. He's glad Dana's not at the press conference. LOL.


Rory has the charisma of an old shoe.

This kid better start finishing guys, because he isn't gonna talk anyone into buying a PPV. Phone Post 3.0

iceman714 - 
RobMachine - how does rory not get a PON bonus?
Cause he didn't have the best performance Phone Post 3.0

Based on what? He completely outclassed a monster on a hot streak.

Dana's not there? Lol Phone Post 3.0

Chael's drug test popped a crowd more than this card. Phone Post 3.0

wow that was fast.

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easedel -
OCMikey - Dana's not there? Lol Phone Post 3.0

Ariel Helwani ?@arielhelwani 2m
Dana isn't at the presser. My post-fight intv with him should be coming up shortly on FS 1.

He just went off on fs1. Phone Post 3.0
Can't wait to check that out Phone Post 3.0

This press conference is awful.

Guys with ZERO charisma speaking in monotone delivering bullshit political answers.

No one here will sell a fight because he is exciting and they are proving they can't talk them into seats either.

Chael will be missed. Phone Post 3.0

Will someone please get Nick Diaz $500,000 already? Rory Mac has the personality of a dead moth.

Wow Rory has zero charisma Phone Post 3.0