UFC 177 Embedded: Dillashaw & Bang training

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                                UFC 177 Embedded: Dillashaw & Bang training

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                    <p>On episode 2 of UFC 177 Embedded, bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw and his long-distance coach Duane &quot;Bang&quot; Ludwig head to the gym for a fight week training session, before joining Urijah Faber and the rest of Team Alpha Male to celebrate the birthday of teammate and co-main attraction Danny Castillo. Down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, former belt-holder Renan Barao packs his bags for his trip to the U.S. and the most important quest of his life -- reclaiming his UFC title. As the rest of the UFC 177 stars converge on Sacramento, the champ and other NoCal notables head 80 miles southwest to visit Oakland Raiders training camp.&nbsp;</p>

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Man thats a lot of travel my brother does that from LA to Denver for work every week. Bang really does seem to care about TJ like a brother. Awesome to see that in a coaching relationship. TJ is in a great position probably the best camp for training partners his size, a word class coach who genuinely cares, and a great attitude.

Can we get a little pad work? I know they don't want to show what they're working on, but just some basics.

Maybe I missed it but you should probably not say that the 8 minute video is of TJ and Bang training.

Too cool for seat belts.