UFC 179 delivering so far

Poor atmosphere for the most part but lots of finishes. Where the whiners at? This event still "suck"? Phone Post 3.0

Yes it is.


The bar I'm at has the audio for the World Series blasting but the ppv on all the T.V.s. Both parties are pissed right now Phone Post 3.0


NewOldTRT09er - I fell asleep. Seriously. And it's 1pm here. Phone Post 3.0
Well, you need to buck up 'cos the main card is underway! Phone Post 3.0

prelims deffo delivered.

the PPV delivering? yet to be determined.

First fight is not as good as what was on the prelims, but it is the first fight of the night. so It get's a pass.

You jinxed it.

MoomBah - You jinxed it.

What have I done??!

Fell asleep too...literally Phone Post 3.0

How is it?

That jinx